Community Guidelines

Rules of Engagement in our Community


Enhance Vs. Diminish

  • Before engaging, ask yourself... "If everyone did what I'm about to do, would it enhance or diminish this engagement?"

Be Supportive and Respectful

  • This is a safe space for learning. Assume the best. Give people the benefit of intent. Show respect.

Be Inclusive

  • Be intentional about including others in conversations. We welcome and celebrate all backgrounds, stories, and experiences.

Be Kind and Considerate of Your, and Others', Time and Energy

  • Encourage and support each other; that's what High Performance Leaders do! Falling into negativity, victimhood or other toxic behaviours drains everyone's energy, especially your own. 

Respect Everyone's Privacy

  • We are all leaders in this space. Part of that is acting in integrity, which means what is shared in the community stays in the community. While you can speak about examples in general terms, please do not share specifics or people associated with a situation by name. Being part of this community requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions create a safe learning space but may be sensitive and private. 

Vulnerability is Your Superpower

  • The more open and vulnerable you are, the faster your results will start to show up. Your ego is going to hold you back. This is another sign of a High Performance Leader. 

No Advertising or Self-Promotion

  • This is a safe space to learn and grow. Please do not advertise your business or other services unless asked. 

 Have FUN!

Yes, this is about learning and about creating massive shifts with the ripple effect. However, as any great High Performance Leader knows, there is no rule that says we  can't have fun in the process! 

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