Please review these videos and information

before we start Week 1. These are important

foundational tools that will be used and

referenced throughout the program.


There are 3 videos here for you to review. Approximately 20 minutes in total. Typically, I'll keep content to 15 minutes or less, so this is a bit over that. However, each of these videos provide foundational information that you'll need as we move forward. Please watch all 3 before we begin Week 1.  

- Ethics

- Grounding

- Energetic Protection


It is important to understand the ethics of using energetic information before we step into the program. This video is 11 minutes long, however, as with any professional capability, ethics form the bedrock of how we engage. Using energy is no different. 


I will refer to grounding consistently throughout the program. If you already understand grounding and know how to do it, you can skip this video. If not, please watch so you'll understand the why and the how. This tool alone could change your engagement style immediately. 


This process is designed to help you keep more centered and to not take other people's 'crap' home with you. We send, and receive, energetic darts all day long. We'll dive deeper into what this means, however, this quick process (less than 1 minute to do, though the video is 3 minutes - LOL) will set you up each day to help you stay emotionally grounded. NOTE: you'll also want to do this prior to any known confrontations or difficult meetings, etc.

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